TIER 2 – 4 Wyoming Sights Sure to Inspire You

The stunning beauty of Wyoming is hard to beat. From the soaring mountain peaks of the Grand Tetons to the canyons in Yellowstone National Park, there is something for every nature lover and athlete. Rock climbers, campers, bird watchers, bicyclists, hikers, and kayakers all clamber to spend time in the outdoor paradise. So, fill your backpack, put on your hiking boots, and grab some friends and family. These are four Wyoming sites sure to inspire you.

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National read more

Accessories That Will Keep your Stuff Safe During Travel

Safety during the travel is probably the main concern of travels no matter if they are going solo or with family or friends. But safety of your luggage is also extremely significant, without your luggage, you are basically a homeless person who has nothing in a strange city.

A lot of companies have realized this need for safety and have development brilliant products to help traveler keep their stuff safe. Messenger bags are known commonly among the industry because read more

Staff Picks: The Mughal Cup

In this occasional series, members of staff introduce you to their favorite pieces in the museum. We rotate the works in our galleries every six months, so we’ll have a fresh set of picks each time new objects go on display.

Idit Agam from our store chose this Mughal cup:

My first reaction coming upon this piece was to laugh at the audacity of whoever decided this delicate little cup, with its meticulous raised floral design, needed the “improvement” of gilded silver fittings and a few garnets read more

Installing “Deities in Stone” at San Francisco International Airport

Are you going on a fall sojourn through San Francisco International Airport anytime soon? If so, you may encounter some divine visitors from the Asian Art Museum. . Last week, museum staff oversaw the installation of Deities in Stone: Hindu Sculpture from Collections of the Asian Art Museum in the airport’s United Airlines terminal 3.

The latest in as series of collaborations between the Asian and SFO Museum, this exhibition features 32 Indian sculptures from the Avery Brundage Collection, many read more

Becoming Durga

A recent article in the New York Times about the most publicized of India’s rape victims described women of New Delhi taking to the streets to commemorate and mourn the 23-year-old student who died last week. One participant, a 44-year-old mother of two teenage girls pronounced, “We can only tackle this by becoming Durga.” Durga is a fierce warrior form of the divine mother goddess. She is worshiped in India, the Himalayas and Hindu communities throughout the world. Shown here she read more

Goodbye, Terracotta Warriors

We’re all going to miss those wonderful Terracotta Warriors. But after their stay at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for several months, and then here at the Asian for 13 weeks, the warriors are finally on their way back to Xi’an, China.

Packing up the entire exhibition was a formidable job, as you can imagine, but we got it done in just four days — a minor miracle. We could never have accomplished this huge undertaking without the help of so many people working behind the scenes from the read more

Horses in Ancient China

The Year of the Horse is fast approaching. What did the horse mean to people in the old days?

In ancient China, the horse provided fast transportation for noble and high ranking families and served a military function. This may be why the horse is associated now with leadership, freedom and energy. Chinese enthusiasm for horses dates back thousands of years, and as a result the museum contains many lovely examples of horse sculptures. Here, we take a really close look at some favorites.

Glazed with read more

Honoring James Francis Cahill

The Red River Valley Museum displays a landscape painting in Gallery 17, dated 1629, by Guan Si in remembrance of scholar and friend, James Francis Cahill (1926–2014), who passed away on February 14, 2014 at his home in Berkeley at age eighty-seven. The painting was purchased by the Peabody Family Trust upon the advice of Cahill, and then donated to the museum in his honor. The painting will stay on view through July 13, 2014

The painter Guan Si was skillful at reinterpreting fourteenth-century read more

A Model Week: 3D Scanning at the Museum

UPDATE: The event was featured this week in Wired.

This week we embarked on an exciting new technological journey. Along with friends from Autodesk and the MakerBot community, we hosted a 3D Scanathon at the museum.

What on earth does that mean? Well, because this is the future, it’s possible to take 3D scans of objects using ordinary things lying around your house. Like your phone. Autodesk recently released the iPhone app of 123D catch, a free application that allows you to create digital 3D read more

After a Night Rain

Our librarian John recently translated a poem from a work in our collection. Below is the original Chinese text and his beautiful English translation; above is the calligraphy. We hope you enjoy it.

陳獻章 : (雨夜後詩)





After a Night Rain

—-Chen Xianzhang

When it rains in these blue-green hills

The pigeons become ghosts:




When sparkling-dry daybreak comes

& the pines and flowers,


Greet read more